Summer 2022
Feature - Springtime

New prints have been added, check them out in Gallery 7, Gallery 8, Gallery 9, and a few in Gallery 3 and Gallery 6, or you can click the direct links below:

The Mermaid's Poem
The 2 Cent Ride
Another Moving Day
Everything Stops for Tea

The Snow Party
The Other Snow Party
The Last Poet
Midnight Movers

The Sophomore Class
Home from the Beach
January 3 a.m.
They Stole the Yellow House

Great Expectations
Top Jack was the Guide
The Endangered Species

48th Anniversary
The Pale Yellow Room
The Second Generation
The Third Generation

A Mid-Summer Dance*
Joe's Palace
The Ice Cream Social
The Iceberg

A Call from the Wine Dark Sea
The Castle Party*
Ancient Ambassadors*

Preparations for Act IV
Goodbye for Now
7 Sisters and a Lover
Once Upon a Time Under a Blue Moon

Sorry, My Ducks are Not For Sale
Welcome to the Neighborhood
Tarquin and the Pretend Devil*
Uncle John's Summer House

The Key Room
Among the Ruins
Quiet and Secret Fire Games
Three Sisters and a Stranger

The Tower
The Friends of Miss Alice
Saturday Morning in the Rented Room
Letters from the Past

A Celebration of Poets*
He Found the Dream
The New Moon
Looks Like a Plan

Jack's Room
Inside-Outside the Purple House
Early Morning Green Thieves
Monday Morning Surprise at the B & B

March Winds of August (Oil Version)
Time to Leave
Busy Sophomore People*
Another Virtuous Affair

The Music Room
Granny Is At It Again
February's Child
They Were Crossing Another Red Sea

The Yellow House*
The Happy Ship*
The Bluebirds
Mother Foster's Cat Care Club (new sizes added)

The Secret Signal
The Student
See You Next Summer
6:45 Sunday Morning

Saturday Night at the Jail
The Prince and His Regent
The Collectors
The VIPs Finally Arrived

Bourbon Street
Albinos at the Castle
Clarissa's Legacy (older signed lithos added)
Miss Alice and Her Friends (new sizes added)

* Limited quantity of signed prints available where indicated